KERN MFB 150K100 Body fat scale
KERN MFB 150K100 Body fat scale
KERN MFB 150K100 Body fat scale
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KERN MFB 150K100 Body fat scale
KERN MFB 150K100 Body fat scale
KERN MFB 150K100 Body fat scale

KERN MFB 150K100 Body fat scale

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Order the KERN MFB 150K100 body fat scale for detailed measurements

Enrich your health routine with the KERN MFB 150K100 body fat scale. This advanced scale provides accurate measurements of body fat, body water, muscle mass, body weight and bone content with a precision of 0.1%.

With an elegant appearance, this scale fits perfectly in any bathroom. The stable glass weighing platform with four large contact points ensures maximum precision during weighing. Moreover, it is easy to clean for a hygienic experience.

Thanks to the particularly flat construction, you can step onto the scale safely without the risk of tripping. The rubber feet ensure a stable and non-slip placement.

Operating the scale is simple: touch, set and read. With a memory for up to 10 people and an integrated AUTO-OFF function to save batteries, this scale is both convenient and efficient.

With a large display for easy reading and an option to change units from kilograms to pounds, the KERN MFB 150K100 body fat scale offers a complete user experience. Order today and receive this scale in an individual design packaging.

Advantages of the KERN MFB 150K100 Body Fat Scale

  • Determination of body fat, body water, muscle mass: Accurately measures body fat, body water, muscle mass and body weight with a precision of 0.1% and 0.1 kg.
  • Calorie display: Shows calories needed to maintain current body weight depending on activity level and gender.
  • Elegant design: Sleek and stylish design that fits in any bathroom.
  • Stable glass weighing platform: Equipped with 4 large contact points for maximum precision and stability.
  • Easy to Clean: Hygienic design allows easy cleaning for optimal user experience.
  • Particularly flat construction: Prevent tripping thanks to the flat design of the scale.
  • Safe and stable: Equipped with rubber feet to prevent slipping and provide a sturdy base.
  • Simple operation: With just a few touches you can set the scale and read your data.
  • Memory for up to 10 people: Store the data of up to 10 users, including gender, age and height.
  • Integrated AUTO-OFF function: Batteries are saved by automatically switching off when the scale is not in use.
  • Unit Switching: Easily switch between kilograms and pounds depending on your preference.
  • Large display: Spacious display for easy reading of your measurement results.
  • Delivery in individual design packaging: Receive your scale in an attractive design packaging, perfect for gifting or to enjoy yourself.

Why KERN scales?

KERN scales are known for their accuracy and reliability. They meet strict European standards such as 93/42/EEC and NAWI 2014/31/EU, which means they have been verified according to the Weights and Measures Act. Calibration, or “conformity assessment,” is a consumer protection requirement and ensures that scales meet official accuracy standards.

With KERN you have access to calibration services for every scale, so you can always trust the precision of your equipment. Only type-approved scales with OIML weights of classes E2, F1, F2 and M1 are assessed, which guarantees that you always have a high-quality and reliable scale.

Product specifications KERN MFB 150K100 Body fat scale

  • Brand: Kern
  • Core article number: MFB 150K100
  • Standards: 93/42/EEC, NAWI 2014/31/EU - Mandatory for scales within the EU
  • Weighing range: 182 KG
  • Readout value: 0.1 KG
  • Weighing unit: KG - LB
  • Platform dimensions: 300 x 300 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 1.65 KG
  • LCD Display
Can be connected to PC/Telephone
1,65 KG
182 KG
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