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KERN Scales: Accuracy and reliability

KERN scales are known for their accuracy and reliability. Whether it concerns weighing babies, children or adults, these scales offer the professional quality needed in medical care. They are ideal for both home use and professional healthcare environments. With a wide range of models you can choose the perfect scale for your specific needs. KERN scales are designed for ease of use and durability, making them a reliable choice for accurate measurements. Choose KERN for quality and confidence in medical scales.

Buy KERN scale? KERN the standard for medical care in the field of weight!

KERN scales are a leading brand in the medical industry, known for their reliability and accuracy. Whether baby, child or adult, these scales are designed to deliver professional results. They are perfectly suitable for home use and for use in professional healthcare environments such as hospitals, healthcare institutions and GP practices.

Baby scales

A baby scale must be extremely accurate and sensitive. KERN baby scales are specially designed to detect even the smallest changes in weight, making them ideal for newborns and infants. The scale is often equipped with a comfortable tray in which the baby can lie safely while being weighed. In addition, these scales are easy to clean, which is essential in a medical environment.

Scales for children

KERN scales for children offer the same accuracy and reliability as their baby versions, but with extra capacity and strength for larger children. They are ideal for use in children's hospitals, childcare centers and at home. The scales are user-friendly and offer a clearly readable display, so you can quickly and easily measure a child's weight.

Weighing scales with Bluetooth connection

The latest models of KERN scales are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, making them easy to connect to other medical devices and software. This makes it possible to synchronize data directly with electronic health records or other applications, saving time and increasing accuracy. It is a valuable feature for healthcare providers who work with large amounts of data.

Weighing scales for professional care

KERN offers a range of professional scales that meet all requirements for hospitals, healthcare institutions and general practices. These scales often have a higher capacity and are designed for frequent use in busy environments. They are made of durable materials and provide accurate measurements even under heavy loads.

Complies with calibration class and legal regulations

KERN scales comply with the calibration class, which means that they are regularly tested and calibrated to guarantee their accuracy. In addition, they are approved according to the medical device directive 93/42/EEC and the conformity assessment according to NAWI 2014/31/EU. This makes them safe and reliable for use in medical contexts. In addition to scales, KERN also offers measuring tapes and other accessories to facilitate measuring weight and height. These accessories are useful for healthcare providers who want to get a complete picture of their patients' health.

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KERN scales are a reliable choice for medical professionals and home users who value accuracy and quality. With a wide range of models, from baby scales to professional equipment for hospitals, KERN offers everything you need to ensure accurate measurements. The addition of Bluetooth connectivity, compliance with calibration class requirements and medical approval make KERN scales an excellent choice for any environment where precision and reliability are crucial.