Stethoscope Protective Case

Stethoscope Storage Cases: Protection and convenience for all brands of stethoscopes

A stethoscope is an investment in your medical career that deserves excellent protection. Our collection of stethoscope storage cases offers that protection, without compromising on style or practicality. Suitable for popular brands such as Littmann, Riester, and KaWe, our covers are designed to keep your instrument safe and functional. Whether you are a medical student or an experienced medical professional, a good storage case is essential for maintaining the longevity and quality of your stethoscope.

Buy a stethoscope cover?

In the dynamic healthcare environment, it is important that medical professionals have the right equipment to perform their work efficiently. One of these essential items is the stethoscope, an instrument that is used every day and therefore requires appropriate care and protection. This is where the importance of a good stethoscope cover comes into play.

A stethoscope is a sensitive medical instrument that requires accuracy and functionality. Protecting this important tool from damage and wear is essential for long-lasting and efficient operation. A stethoscope case provides this necessary protection by enclosing the device and protecting it from external factors such as bumps, drops and liquid splashes.

Why a stethoscope cover?

The question arises: why should I invest in a stethoscope cover? A stethoscope cover not only protects the device from damage, but also helps to extend the life of the stethoscope. A well-maintained and protected instrument lasts longer, saves money in the long term and ensures that medical professionals always have a properly functioning instrument at hand.

What are the advantages of a stethoscope case?

A stethoscope case offers several advantages. It protects the instrument from physical damage and ensures that it is always ready for use. Additionally, a case helps organize medical supplies, allowing professionals to easily store and find their stethoscope, reflex hammer and penlight when needed. The cover also protects against dirt, dust and other harmful elements, keeping the stethoscope always clean and hygienic.

Which storage case for which stethoscope?

There are different types of stethoscope covers available, suitable for various types and models of stethoscopes. Whether it's a traditional stethoscope or an advanced model like the Littmann, a storage case offers universal compatibility and protection. It is important to choose a cover that fits properly with the specific stethoscope to ensure optimal protection. We offer 2 variants: the normal version and the XL version focused on the storage cover. Below you will find a list for which model and which storage cover is suitable:


  • Littmann Classic III
  • Littmann Classic II SE
  • Littmann Infant
  • Littmann Pediatric
  • Littmann Select
  • Littmann Master Classic
  • Littmann Veterinary
  • Riester Duplex 2.0
  • KaWe
  • KaWe Standard Prestige
  • KaWe Children's Prestige
  • KaWe Baby Prestige


  • Littmann Cardiology IV
  • Littmann Core
  • Littmann Master Cardiology
  • Littmann 3100 & 3200
  • Littmann Cardiology III
  • KaWe Profi Cardiology
  • Riester Cardiophon

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