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Are you looking for a Littmann stethoscope? Order from us! As a proud distributor of Littmann stethoscopes, we have more than 10 years of experience. We are the largest Littmann distributor in Europe, which means you can count on fast delivery and an unparalleled range. Whether you are interested in the Littmann Classic III, Littmann Cardiology IV, or the advanced Littmann Core, we have all models and colors in stock. Choose expertise, speed and choice. Order your Littmann stethoscope from us and experience the quality and service we offer.

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In an online world full of imitations and replicas, we understand how important it is to have a real Littmann stethoscope. With us you are assured of authenticity. As an official supplier of Littmann products, we guarantee that every stethoscope you purchase from us is 100% genuine. This means that you can rely on the quality, durability and accuracy that Littmann offers.

Why a real Littmann?

Quality you can hear: Littmann stethoscopes are known for their superior acoustic quality. This is essential for accurate diagnoses. Durability that lasts: A genuine Littmann will last for years, even with daily use. Comfort and ease of use: Designed for comfortable long-term use, with adjustable ear loops and soft eartips. The risk of purchasing a fake Littmann stethoscope is high. Imitations can provide inaccurate measurements, which not only affects your work as a healthcare professional, but can also compromise the health of your patients. With us you don't have to worry about that. Every stethoscope we sell is purchased directly from Littmann. A genuine Littmann stethoscope is an investment in your professional future. With an authentic Littmann you choose reliability and precision. And with our added personalization and protection options, you're assured of a product that's not only functional, but also personal and durable.

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Choose security, quality and personalization. Order your genuine Littmann stethoscope from us today and experience the benefits of an authentic product, complete with the option for personal engraving and a protective storage case. Your craftsmanship deserves the best tools.

Littmann Classic III stethoscope

Are you a medical student or nurse looking for a reliable stethoscope? Discover the Littmann Classic III. This stethoscope offers excellent acoustic performance and durability, essential for your medical training and daily practice. With its adjustable membrane, comfortable fit and wide range of colours, the Littmann Classic III is not only practical, but also personally adaptable. Choose quality and reliability. Choose the Littmann Classic III, the stethoscope that supports you in every step of your medical career.

Which models of Littmann stethoscope do we offer as a certified Littmann dealer?

As a certified Littmann dealer, we offer an extensive range of Littmann stethoscopes, suitable for professionals in every medical discipline. Whether you are a student, nurse, or specialist doctor, with us you will find the perfect Littmann stethoscope that suits your needs.

All models and colors Littmann stethoscope

We have all Littmann models, including the popular Littmann Classic III, the advanced Littmann Cardiology IV, the professional Littmann Master Cardiology, the innovative Littmann Core, and the specialized Littmann Classic II for both infants and children. You will also find the lightweight model, the Littmann Lightweight, perfect for long-term use. Each of these models is available in more than 150 color combinations, ensuring you'll find a stethoscope that meets both your professional needs and personal style. In addition to stethoscopes, we also offer a range of accessories and spare kits. Whether you're looking for replacement eartips, diaphragms, or other parts, we have everything you need to keep your Littmann stethoscope in top condition. As a leading supplier, we have a continuous stock of all Littmann models. This means that you never have to wait long for your order. In addition, our direct connection to the manufacturer ensures that you always receive the latest and greatest products.

Why choose Littmann?

Littmann stethoscopes are known worldwide for their excellent quality and reliability. The superior acoustics, comfortable design and durability make Littmann the preferred choice of medical professionals. By choosing a Littmann stethoscope from us, you choose a product that supports your medical career with precision and reliability.

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