Thermoval Standard thermometer
Thermoval Standard thermometer
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Thermoval Standard thermometer
Thermoval Standard thermometer

Thermoval Standard thermometer

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Thermoval standard thermometer: The reliable choice for fever measurement

Why choose the Thermoval Thermometer from Hartmann?

An accurate fever measurement is essential to monitor the health of yourself and your family. The Thermoval standard thermometer from Hartmann offers reliability and ease of use, making it the ideal choice for measuring body temperature.

Hartmann quality you can trust

  1. Hartmann Quality : The Thermoval thermometer is produced by Hartmann, a renowned brand in the field of medical devices. You can rely on the quality and accuracy of this product.
  2. Digital Clinical Thermometer : This thermometer is digital and provides quick and accurate readings of body temperature. This makes it ideal for both adults and children.
  3. Simple operation : Using the Thermoval thermometer is extremely simple. With just one button you can quickly and effortlessly measure body temperature.
  4. Acoustic signal : The thermometer is equipped with an acoustic signal that indicates when the measurement is completed. This makes measuring even more convenient and ensures you don't miss any measurements.
  5. Protection and hygiene : The thermometer is supplied with a handy protective sleeve. This protects the probe from dust and dirt, and ensures hygienic storage.
  6. Suitable for various measurements : The Thermoval thermometer is suitable for oral, axillary (under the armpit) and rectal measurements of body temperature. This makes it versatile and suitable for all members of your family.

Fever measurement is important for children and adults!

Fever is often a sign of an underlying health condition and should be taken seriously. Regularly measuring body temperature can help detect fever in time, which is essential for early treatment and care.

The Thermoval standard thermometer from Hartmann is a reliable companion for your health. With accurate measurements, easy operation and convenient features such as memory storage and a protective sleeve, it is the ideal choice for home use. Monitor your family's health with the Thermoval thermometer and always be well prepared to measure fever when necessary.

Product specifications Thermoval Standard thermometer

  • Hartmann article code: 925021
  • Includes storage box and instructions for use
  • Temperatures are displayed in °C
  • LCD display
  • Removable battery cover
Memory function
3 years
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Ordered before 17:00 is delivered the next day.
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