Sterillium MED 5000ml
Sterillium MED 5000ml
Sterillium MED 5000ml
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Sterillium MED 5000ml
Sterillium MED 5000ml
Sterillium MED 5000ml

Sterillium MED 5000ml

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Want to buy Sterillium MED? Why Sterillium MED 5000ml? What are the benefits of Sterillium MED?

In today's world where hygiene and health are of utmost importance, maintaining clean and disinfected hands is crucial. Sterillium MED, manufactured by Hartmann, is a leading product in the field of hand disinfection.

Sterillium MED: Powerful ethanol-based hand disinfection

Sterillium MED is based on ethanol and offers a broad spectrum of action, including full virucidal activity within the application time for hygienic hand disinfection. This product is designed to thoroughly clean your hands and protect them from harmful bacteria and viruses. Here are some of the key benefits of Sterillium MED:

Increases skin hydration with Sterillium MED

A unique feature of Sterillium MED is that it not only disinfects your hands, but also increases the hydration of your skin. This product has been specially developed to maintain the natural elasticity and smoothness of your skin. Unlike some other hand sanitizers that can dry out the skin, Sterillium MED keeps your hands moisturized and looking healthy even after frequent use.

Hand disinfection suitable for all year round

Sterillium MED is suitable for use during all seasons of the year. Whether summer, autumn, winter or spring, Sterillium MED offers reliable hand disinfection all year round. The product is known for its fast effectiveness, allowing you to disinfect your hands quickly and easily, regardless of the circumstances.

Very skin-friendly

One of the crucial benefits of Sterillium MED is that it is extremely skin-friendly. The formulation has been carefully formulated to maintain your skin's natural pH level. This means you can use it without worry, even if you have sensitive skin. Sterillium MED ensures that your hands are thoroughly disinfected without causing irritation or dryness.

Free from dyes and fragrances

When selecting a hand sanitizer, it is important to know what is in the product. Sterillium MED is free from dyes and fragrances, making it ideal for people who are sensitive to certain odors or prefer products without artificial additives. This product offers a pure and effective solution for hand disinfection without unnecessary additives.

Proven Skin Care Complex

Sterillium MED is further distinguished by its proven skin care complex. This complex is specially designed to protect and care for your skin while it is disinfected. This not only keeps your hands clean, but also nourishes and cares for them. This is especially important if you use hand sanitizing products regularly.

Why 5000ml Sterillium MED?

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of Sterillium MED, you may be wondering why you should specifically choose the 5000ml version. Here are some good reasons:

Extensive Stock

With a 5000ml bottle you have a very extensive stock of Sterillium MED at your disposal. This size is ideal for situations where large quantities of hand disinfection are required, such as in hospitals, healthcare facilities, large offices or busy public places. You don't have to worry about frequent refills as this bottle contains more than enough product to meet your needs.

Cost saving

The 5000ml bottle is also more cost efficient in the long run. Compared to smaller bottles, you pay less for the product per milliliter. This makes it a smart choice for those looking for value for money and want to save on their hand sanitizing supplies.

Suitable for intensive use

This size is perfect for intensive use in environments where many people need frequent hand disinfection. The large bottle ensures that there is enough product available to meet the needs of countless users without running out quickly.

Sterillium MED 5000ml is a powerful ethanol-based hand disinfectant with numerous benefits. It increases skin hydration, maintains skin elasticity and smoothness, and is suitable for use all year round. In addition, it is very skin-friendly, free of dyes and fragrances, and contains a proven skin care complex. The 5000ml format offers an extensive stock, cost savings and is suitable for intensive use. Choose Sterillium MED for an effective, reliable and caring hand disinfection, always within reach.

Specifications Sterillium MED 5000ml

  • Contents: 100ml
  • Standards: EN 1500, EN12791 and EN14476
  • Composition: Ethanol, 85 grams per 100 grams
  • CTGB registration number: 13451N
  • Hartmann article number: 9810352
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