Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor

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Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor for measuring your blood pressure via the upper arm. Best tested by the consumer association. Blood pressure monitor including AFIB function which ensures that the atrial fibrillation signals are detected.


Your health comes first with the Omron M6 Comfort blood pressure monitor

Do you want a blood pressure monitor that not only measures reliably and accurately, but is also user-friendly? The Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor, recognized as best tested by the Consumers' Association, is your ideal partner for monitoring your blood pressure at home. This fully automatic, clinically validated device is equipped with the innovative Intelli Wrap Cuff, which is adjustable between 22 and 42 cm, and guarantees accurate measurements in any position around the upper arm.

The unique thing about the M6 Comfort is its ability to detect atrial fibrillation (AFIB), also called atrial fibrillation. This makes the device an essential tool for early recognition of risks of cardiac arrhythmias. With the direct interpretation of measured values via the easy LED blood pressure indicator, based on the criteria established by the WHO, you can quickly gain insight into your health status.

The Omron M6 Comfort offers storage memory for two people with 100 memory locations each, runs on AA batteries (four included), and comes with a handy storage case. An optional universal adapter is also available for even more convenience. With a three-year warranty (excluding cuff) and irregular heartbeat detection, the M6 Comfort sets the standard for home blood pressure measurement.

Why buy the Omron M6 Comfort blood pressure monitor?

  • 360° Accurate – Precise measurement, regardless of the position around the upper arm
  • Helps detect risk of cardiac arrhythmia
  • Direct interpretation of the measured values with the easy LED blood pressure indicator based on criteria established by the WHO. Green = good, red = increased
  • Best tested Consumers' Association July 2015 (8.0)
  • Storage memory for 2 people. (100 Memory locations per profile)
  • Operates on AA Batteries (4 Batteries are included)
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty (Not on the cuff)
  • Irregular heartbeat detection

Can be ordered optionally, the Omron universal adapter. - For the adapter, look at the related products.

Why choose Omron Healthcare?

Because the M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor stands for accuracy, ease of use and reliability. With this device you are taking an important step towards a healthier future, supported by technology you can trust. Choose the certainty and precision of Omron and take your health into your own hands.

Product specifications Omron M6 Comfort blood pressure monitor

  • Brand: Omron
  • Item number Omron: HEM-7360-E
  • Device type: Upper arm blood pressure monitor
  • Cuff type: Intelli wrap cuff (22-42 cm) - OMR-MANCH-INTWRAPC
  • Battery supply: AA batteries
  • Memory management: 2 users x 100 measurements
  • Weight: 0.46 KG
  • Dimensions: 191 x 120 x 85 mm
  • Warranty: 5 years
Type Blood pressure monitor
Upper arm
5 Years
Delivery time
Ordered before 17:00 is delivered the next day.
€ 75 - € 99,99
1 piece
Irregular Heartbeat Detection
Cuff size
22-42 cm

When you choose a blood pressure monitor with AFIB technology, you choose a progressive step in healthcare. AFIB, or Atrial Fibrillation, is a common form of heart rhythm disorder that can significantly increase the risk of stroke. The AFIB technology in blood pressure monitors is specially designed to detect these irregularities in the heart rhythm during a regular blood pressure measurement.

This advanced technology offers a dual monitoring function, which not only measures your blood pressure, but also checks for signs of atrial fibrillation at the same time. This means you can act early and take the necessary steps to prevent possible complications, without requiring any additional effort or time. A blood pressure monitor with AFIB technology is easy to use and offers the certainty of a comprehensive health check with every measurement. It makes it possible to quickly identify potential health risks and contributes to more effective preventive healthcare.

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