RI-Thermo Infrared Thermometer
RI-Thermo Infrared Thermometer
RI-Thermo Infrared Thermometer
RI-Thermo Infrared Thermometer
RI-Thermo Infrared Thermometer
RI-Thermo Infrared Thermometer

RI-Thermo Infrared Thermometer

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Get a quick measurement result with the RI-Thermo Thermometer. Accurate measurement for determining your body temperature including fever alarm.


Riester 1805 RI-Thermo: The versatile ear thermometer for professional and home use

Discover the Riester RI-Thermo Infrared clinical ear thermometer, your reliable partner for measuring body temperature quickly, safely and easily. Whether for adults or children, this thermometer delivers an accurate result within seconds. But that is not everything; Thanks to the advanced infrared technology, the RI-Thermo can also measure the temperature of surfaces, spaces and liquids. Ideal for both home use and in professional settings such as GP practices and hospitals.

This versatile thermometer comes with a handy storage box and 25 disposable ear thermometer covers from Riester, guaranteeing hygienic use. The RI-Thermo excels in ease of use with specifications that impress:

  • Measuring range from 0°C to 100.0°C, with a fast measuring time of 1-2 seconds.
  • Memory function for the last 12 measurements and an automatic switch-off function after one minute of inactivity, which contributes to the durability of the CR2032 batteries.
  • A fever alarm and compliance with EN 12470-5 and ASTM E-1965 standards, further underlining its reliability.

Whether you need to quickly determine a patient's temperature, check the room heat or ensure that the bath water is not too hot, the Riester RI-Thermo offers you a fast, safe and simple solution. Make temperature measurements a breeze with this state-of-the-art ear thermometer.

Supplied with storage box and 25 ear thermometer covers from Riester.(RIE12701)

What are the advantages of the Riester 1805 RI-Thermo ear thermometer?

  • Measuring range: 0°C - 100.0°C (32.0°F - 212.0°F)
  • Measuring time: 1-2 seconds
  • Memory file: Last 12 measurements are automatically saved
  • Automatic Switch-off after the device is no longer used within one minute
  • Works on CR2032 Batteries (Minimum 1000 measurements per battery)
  • Includes fever alarm
  • According to EN 12470-5, ASTM E-1965

Product specifications Riester RI-Thermo ear thermometer

  • Brand: Riester
  • Item number Riester: 1805
  • Color blue
  • Device type: Infrared ear thermometer
  • Dimensions: 153 mm (L) x 31 mm (W) x 40 mm (H) / 6.02 in (L) x 1.22 in (W) x 1.58 in (H)
  • Weight: 53 grams
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