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Heine Mini 3000 FO Otoscope

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The mini 3000 Fiber Optic Otoscope from Heine is the latest otoscope with HQ lighting. Heine uses the best lamps and technology, which ensures a color temperature that is almost equal to daylight. This compact otoscope is very powerful and has a unique design. With extremely long service life.

Want to buy Heine Otoscope D-001.70.120?

Discover the superior quality and functionality of the Heine Otoscope

Are you considering purchasing the Heine Otoscope D-001.70.120? This otoscope offers excellent quality and functionality for detailed otoscopy. With the Heine Otoscope you can perform accurate examinations of the ear and detect abnormalities or problems.

Why buy a Heine Otoscope?

There are several reasons why you should choose a Heine Otoscope: Superior quality: Heine is a leading brand in the medical world and is known for its high-quality instruments. The Heine Otoscope is made of durable materials and offers a long service life, so you can rely on it for years to come. Bright lighting: The Heine Otoscope is equipped with a powerful LED lamp that provides bright lighting during the examination. This provides a clear and detailed view of the ear, allowing you to accurately assess any abnormalities. Ergonomic design: The Heine Otoscope has been designed with comfort and ease of use in mind. It fits well in the hand and is easy to operate, allowing you to work effortlessly and accurately. Compatibility: The Heine Otoscope is compatible with a wide range of accessories and specula, allowing you to tailor the instrument to your specific needs and preferences.

Order the Heine Otoscope D-001.70.120 now and experience the excellent quality

If you are looking for a reliable, top quality otoscope, choose the Heine Otoscope D-001.70.120. Order the Heine Otoscope now and add this high-quality instrument to your medical equipment. Experience the superior quality, bright illumination and ease of use of the Heine Otoscope for accurate otoscopy.


  • Comes with 4 otoscope tips
  • 2.5V XHL
  • Operates on AA batteries
  • Viewing window for a 3x magnification
  • Fiber optic lighting
Type of Battery
AA Battery
Type of otoscope
5 Years
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Ordered before 17:00 is delivered the next day.

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