Heine Beta 200S LED Opthalmoscope BETA Set incl. charger
Heine Beta 200S LED Opthalmoscope BETA Set incl. charger
Heine Beta 200S LED Opthalmoscope BETA Set incl. charger
Heine Beta 200S LED Opthalmoscope BETA Set incl. charger

Heine Beta 200S LED Opthalmoscope BETA Set incl. charger

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Why buy the Heine C-261.24.420 BETA 200S LED ophthalmoscope set?

Are you an eye care professional who is looking for precision and quality? Discover the Heine C-261.24.420 BETA 200S LED ophthalmoscope set, an essential piece of equipment for any ophthalmologist or optometrist. This set consists of the advanced BETA 200S LED ophthalmoscope, a BETA4 NT rechargeable handle with NT4 table charger, and comes complete in a sturdy hard case for maximum protection and portability.

The BETA 200S LED ophthalmoscope provides exceptional illumination and clarity, allowing you to make detailed observations of the retina and other structures of the eye. LED technology provides consistent light intensity and color for accurate diagnosis, while the energy-efficient design ensures long battery life.

The BETA4 NT rechargeable handle with the NT4 table charger offers convenience and efficiency, so your instrument is always ready to use. The hard case protects your valuable instrument against bumps and scratches during transport.

Reliable diagnosis from Heine

  • Clear and bright image : Thanks to the Aspherical Optical System (AOS), you get a clear and non-reflective image of the fundus, free from light reflections because the illumination beam and the observation path are separated.
  • Precise fit : The instrument head fits seamlessly into the eye socket, blocking out ambient light for an unadulterated viewing experience.
  • Extended Diopter Range : Featuring 74 single-step diopters on the non-continuous lens wheel (-36 to +38 D), making diopter jumps smooth and accurate.
  • Versatility : Suitable for both dilated and non-dilated pupils, thanks to the pinhole opening and the availability of 7 different apertures, including a red-free filter.
  • Stepless dimmability : The LEDHQ offers a patented, exclusive dimmability from 3 to 100%, so you always have the right lighting intensity.
  • No stray light : Thanks to the recessed viewing window with multiple coatings, ideal for examining cloudy lenses.
  • Maintenance-free : A dust-tight design ensures long-lasting, maintenance-free use.
  • Impact resistant : A die-cast aluminum frame protects the optical components from damage.
  • LEDHQ technology : Never replace the LED again, backed by a 5-year warranty.
  • One-handed operation : The instrument is designed for easy one-handed operation, giving you flexibility and convenience during examinations.
  • Ergonomic design : For comfort and efficiency during extended use.

Flexible power source options

  • Rechargeable battery : Can be charged with USB or a table charger, for maximum mobility and ease of use.
  • Compatibility : Full functionality guaranteed with current BETA rechargeable handles and EN 200 / EN 200-1 wall transformers.

Why Heine?

Heine is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in medical instrumentation. The C-261.24.420 BETA 200S LED ophthalmoscope set is no exception. With its advanced technologies and user-centric design, it offers unparalleled reliability and precision in diagnostics. This instrument was developed with the needs of medical professionals in mind, making it an essential tool in any practice. Purchasing a Heine product is not only an investment in a high-quality instrument, but also in the quality of care you can offer to your patients.

Choose the Heine C-261.24.420 BETA 200S LED ophthalmoscope set for a reliable, accurate and user-friendly solution for eye examination. With its exceptional features and durability, you are assured of an investment that will take your practice to the next level.

Product specifications Heine C-261.24.420 BETA 200S LED ophthalmoscope set

  • Heine article number: C-261.24.420
  • Color: Silver & black
  • Type: Ophthalmoscope
  • Lighting: LED
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Includes NT4 charger
  • Heine BETA S can only be used with the 3.5V Heine handles
Type of lighting
Type of Battery
5 Years
Delivery time
Ordered before 17:00 is delivered the next day.

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