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Desinfectiedispenser PLUS 10 x MHCI Handdesinfectie 1ltr

Disinfection dispenser PLUS 10 x MHCI Hand disinfection 1ltr

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MHCI Dispenser Elbow model plus 10 x MHCI Hand disinfection 70% alcohol 1ltr

This so-called elbow disinfection dispenser is suitable for both disinfectant and soap solution. You can operate the aluminum bracket with your elbow, so you only have to touch the dispenser with your hand, which makes the transfer of bacteria and viruses through the dispenser nil.
The dispenser comes with an empty 1L bottle that can be filled with soap or disinfectant . The bottle is resistant to alcohol.

  • Dosage is 1.5 ml
  • Easy and quick to fill
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Interchangeable pump
  • Includes empty bottle and screws/plugs

You can easily mount the dispenser on the wall. This dispenser is also available on a beautiful stand so that it can be easily placed at the entrance.

Hand disinfection lotion 70% alcohol
For cleaning hands without water.
How to use: apply to hands and massage until dry.
Content: 1000ml
Format: Euro bottle
Suitable for Disinfection dispenser 1000ml

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