Which disposable glove for which moment?

Do i need Nitrile, Vinyl or the Latex Gloves?

Sometimes it is difficult to see for which work which glove is needed? Below it is explained in which sector which glove is needed. The disposable glove is always for single use. Provide basic hygiene at your location with a disposable glove.

Nitrile Disposable Gloves

The nitrile glove is the most common glove in the disposable market. Nitrile is produced from synthetic rubber and ensures that it is a reliable but also strong disposable glove. Nitrile Gloves are extremely suitable for people with a Latex allergy because Nitrile gloves are produced Latex-free. The nitrile glove is available in different sizes and colors and has a perfect fit around the hand.

A nitrile glove protects someone against viruses, bacteria, oil, grease and certain chemicals.

Nitrile Gloves are used in the production and processing of food, contact with liquids such as blood, chemicals and body substances, the cleaning industry and Hospitals, practices and physiotherapists.

Vinyl Gloves

The vinyl disposable glove is produced from PVC and is the cheapest disposable glove. PVC, also referred to in full as polyvinyl chloride, is an easily workable material that has been polymerized. The vinyl glove is a lot thinner than, for example, a nitrile glove and therefore tears more easily. Vinyl gloves are often used in food preparation or the beauty sector such as beauty treatments.

Vinyl gloves provide protection against low-risk chemicals, oils and acids. If you are working with high risk chemicals, look at the NITRILE DISPOSABLE GLOVES.

Latex Gloves

The latex disposable glove is made of natural rubber. ATTENTION if you have a latex allergy, look at the NITRILE GLOVES! You can work safely and hygienically with latex gloves that protect against viruses, chemicals and bacteria. The latex ensures a smooth fit and enormous flexibility.

Powdered or unpowdered?

Vinyl & latex disposable gloves are available in a powdered and powderless version, but what is the reason? The powdered glove variant offers more comfort and, thanks to the powder present, makes it easier to put on the glove because the powder absorbs sweat and moisture.

Color disposable gloves?

The disposable gloves are available in different colours. The most common colors are blue, which is often used in the food industry based on the HACCP standard, and black, which is also used in the food industry or, for example, the beauty sector.

Other colors that appear are White, Pink & Purple.

PBM & Disposables

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