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  • NEW: Littmann Cardiology IV

    NEW: Littmann Cardiology IV

    Sometimes the quietest sounds
    tell us the most

  • Littmann entire range available

    Littmann entire range available

    As official 3M Littmann dealer we carry all Littmann stethoscope models in our range.
    Additionally, all components directly from stock.

  • Secure ordering and payment

    Secure ordering and payment

    Your orders will be automatically received in our order processing system. Your order will be professionally packed for shipment by our own warehouse.
    Many Orders are sent every day by our company for delivery throughout the Netherlands and Europe.

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    Own Laser Engraving machine - Order Today - Engraving Today - No delay in shipment

  • Why buy your stethoscope with us?

    Why buy your stethoscope with us?

    Why buy your stethoscope with us?
    We are an authorized 3M Littmann dealer
    Full range, stethoscopes and all parts
    fast delivery
    Full 3M Littmann warranty
    Engraving of Your Stethoscope

  • Maintenance of Your Stethoscope

    Maintenance of Your Stethoscope

    general maintenance Never immerse the stethoscope in any liquid under nor! Sterilize If disinfection is required, clean the stethoscope than with a cloth moistened with a 70% isopropyl alcohol Keep your stethoscope away from extreme heat, cold, solvents and oil It is recommended that during a thorough cleaning to remove the earphones

  • Stethoscope Anatomy

    Stethoscope Anatomy

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